Seminars & Workshops

Powerful scientific ways that help men with Dating, Self esteem and Confidence issues!

Workshops are also held for interview techniques – to help you nail your next dream job!

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If you are alone and wondering why you haven’t found the “one” yet or would like to date more suited/desired people then perhaps it is a good time to connect with me and find out the best plan to helping you get the result that you want!

Some may suffer with the following:

Many failed short-term relationships
Approach anxiety
Unable to communication
Can’t get past the first date
Surviving a long distance relationship
Toxic relationships
Stagnant relationships
Awkward and feeling inadequate during dates

Confidence & Self Esteem

Suffer with low Confidence and/or Low Self Esteem?

Rest assured that you are not alone! There are many around the world that feel what you feel and know they can be better and deserve more out of life! Contact me now and lets get you booked on to the next seminar designed to help you!

Interview techniques and nailed that dream job interview

Suffered enough rejection? In a highly competitive market and wish to stand out? Want the skills to come out on top?

I have several years experience working in the recruitment industry and many more as a Coach and Therapist – I have designed a workshop program that will give you the mental state and tools needed to get ahead of your competition!

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