Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Finally get the desired figure that you have always wanted with Hypnosis for Weight Loss!


How can this Hypnosis programme help me shed unwanted weight?

Hypnosis for weight loss gets the desired results by utilising the great tool of Hypnosis and working with your powerful mind. Together, we can change your eating patterns to get you to a healthier weight and also provide higher levels of motivation for exercising!

I always recommend that you speak to a healthcare professional about your ideal weight if you are concerned.

How many Hypnosis for weight loss sessions will I need?

We can tailor the sessions to best suit your needs. In order for us to proceed we do require a readiness for change, more than simply “giving it a go!”

How many Hypnosis sessions do I need?

Hypnosis for weight adjustment generally requires between 5 to 8 sessions, however it does depend on the individual, their desired weight plan, mental and physical health.

The first session is composed of two hours. The rest are one hour each.

Each session is priced at £100 per hour. 

Can I use Hypnosis to eat healthy?

By creating a positive link to healthy foods you can enjoy eating healthily and feel good about it too. We can also build a negative link (association) to unhealthy foods to help you get rid of that unwanted habit.

Does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works when the individual is ready for a change and is willing to accept suggestions of change, all of this will be explained during your free consultation.

Virtual hypnosis and home visits hypnosis treatments

Hypnosis for weight loss is available to you virtually and also I am happy to do home visits.

Hypnosis home visits

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The best way to find out how Hypnosis can help you is to make contact today!